Look no further for cards with sass and humour – Nocturnal Paper

What's not to love? Gimme a beat while I start singing...

What's not to love? Gimme a beat while I start singing...

Nocturnal Paper is one of the coolest and edgiest greeting card brands I've ever come across.

Featuring familiar celebs such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Kanye and Beyoncé to name a few, there's definitely a card to suit that special someone. The genius behind the brand is Meghna Jhuremalani and she draws a connection between pop culture with everyday things around us. 

I'm a big fan of Nocturnal Paper's hipster cards, so I gave Meghna a buzz to find out more about her life and creative process. Have a read below.

10 questions with the creator of Nocturnal Paper

1) How did you get started with Nocturnal Paper?

As a child, when I would think of the word 'celebration', the first thing that came to mind was birthdays. I was that girl that would spend hours making birthday cards for my friends and family, whatever chance I would get. This was the part of me that brought out my eccentricity, doodling through the night for someone I loved. And that's when I became nocturnal. 

Art and colour have always been a part of me, from colouring outside the lines at kindergarten, to studying GCSE Art and then BA Graphic Design at London's Central Saint Martins. After a few years in the professional world, I decided to take the plunge and quit my day job in 2014. I began my stationery business by selling at craft markets in Hong Kong, which gave me a lot of exposure and quick feedback. Although I initially didn't know what to expect, I was stocked in my first shop before the end of the year! Nocturnal Paper was getting noticed, and that's how it all began.

2) Could you give us an idea on the process of card-making? Pun or illustration first? How long does a card usually take?

It really varies! Sometimes I’m happy with something in an hour and sometimes it can take 50!

3) Could you describe the space where you do most of your creation?


4) Which is your all time favourite card?

Anything with @badgalriri

5) What do you wish you knew about being an artist before you got started?

Tell ya when I’m 80. 

6) I know you’ve collaborated with Topshop, who or what brand would you wish to next work on a project with?

F&B related brands or companies. 

7) What do you enjoy doing when not creating cards?

All the other things that I HAVE to do, LOL.

8) If you could be a Kardashian for a day, which one would you be?

North West, purely based on her cuteness level. 

9) What’s next for Nocturnal Paper in 2017? 

You’ll see ☺

10) Where can we see more of your work?