Haven't you tried the latest craze, splash masks?

Thanks to Glow Recipe, I learnt about the Blithe splash mask through one of their videos which seemed too good to be true. Is it possible to splash your face with 15-30s of this diluted liquid to get...wait for it...baby soft skin?

It had all the ingredients to be the superhero of masks: 15-30s + Easy application = Baby soft skin that usually would take 30 mins of masking. I had to try it! I went to one of the Bonjour stores near my office stock up on the Yellow (Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey) Blithe Splash Mask known for its brightening and glowing effects on skin and duly tried it that evening.

Instructions were quite easy and also possible to apply if you take a shower or bath

Instructions were quite easy and also possible to apply if you take a shower or bath

I was impressed with the results, noticed a glow in my face and I liked the waft of citrus scent. I patted it dry with my hands and applied my usual skincare routine - toner, essence, emulsion. If you have cut/scars on your skin, be mindful that it can sting a little due to the citrus ingredients, but otherwise it's easy peasy.

Splashing the face with milk or botanical-infused waters after cleansing comes from a centuries-old Korean bathhouse tradition to clarify and brighten,
— Christine Chang, Glow Recipe founder

Having recommended Blithe Splash Masks to co-workers and friends, a few have been taken aback with the results:

My skin is very sensitive, normally I can’t use many products on the market. Blithe has completely changed the texture of my skin and I feel ‘off’ if I don’t use it everyday. I can’t stop recommending it to my friends.
— Clementina Tai, an even bigger dog-lover and caricature artist

Will keep this post updated once I try the Green tea and Purple berry versions, but for now, I'm loving the Citrus for my go-to no fuss mask.



HK$210 at Bonjour | HK$256 at Sasa | US$45 on Sephora USA