Start glowing with the "10 days to glow" mask set

Gorgeous display of the mask sets in those goodie bags on the right, with box sets on the left

Gorgeous display of the mask sets in those goodie bags on the right, with box sets on the left

The display of masks and beauty sets at Lane Crawford caught my eye and after finding out a bit more about their 10-piece mask set, I thought, why not? Would be good to get acquainted with Korean masks before my Seoul trip (so excited!). 


I loved the fact that there were different Korean brands I could try with, curated by the lovely girls from Glow Recipe. Every other day, I tried a new mask and while they all had different functions, they were mainly hydrating masks to pump back nourishing essence into the face.  I found that while the Whamisa "Organic Sea Kelp Facial Sheet Mask" was soothing and had a good effect on my skin, I was not in love with the scent, it felt like I was under the sea...

Over the next few days after trying on a mask a day, I noticed less flaky skin and definitely a better complexion. I'm particularly fond of Whamisa "Organic Seeds & Rice Fermented Hydrogel Sheet Mask" and Blossom Jeju "Nourishing Soy Essence Petal Mask". Both masks wrapped like a soft glove on my skin and it felt good even while I was masking! Never have I been so excited to put on masks and there was a definite glow after taking them off. My tip would be to slather on the essence in the container onto your face and neck before putting on the mask. After taking off the mask having waited around 20 mins, you don't even need to wash – just massage the remaining essence and put on moisturiser to seal all the goodness into your skin!

I knew I was going to hunt down these ones during my planned Seoul trip.


Update after seoul trip

I bought a few more of those Whamisa masks in Seoul (more detail on that in another post) and gifted them to some close friends and co-workers. For some first hand feedback on their experience:

When I woke up this morning my face was butter smooth
— James Lo, beauty connoisseur, after using Whamisa mask for the first time
Where can I stock up. I will never use another mask
— Tonia Poon, Sheet mask convert

Just a tip, snap up those Glow Recipe mask sets before CNY because they won't be available much longer after Chinese New Year!


$540 for a pack of 10 masks from Glow Recipe

Times Square | ifc mall | Harbour City (I bought mine at the Times Square location but it could easily be bought online)