Who's up for Korean make-up beauty class?

When asked "Would you want to join a 2-part Korean make-up class?", I said "Yes!" without any hesitation. What with all the craze on K-beauty, it would be an injustice to not put my make-up stash to good use.

My friend Jo arranged a two-parter private class (between 4-7 persons) taught by Pink of Pink Revolution. The good thing about organising our own private class was that we could choose what type of look we wished to learn during those two 2.5 hour classes. I've always been fascinated with make-up but never learnt the skills of applying it well so it could last more than a few hours. 

The first class would be dedicated to natural Korean makeup that we could apply for our day-to day. The second class would advance to (relatively) glam makeup that we could use for events, parties or even special occasions. While Pink demonstrated on one of us (Elsa!) and applied make-up on half of her face, we were challenged to do it on ourselves straight after.

During the 2.5hr class we learnt how to:

  1. Apply base using BB cream with a beauty blender to get into all the hard to reach places. This was done around 2-3 times to make sure it was evenly applied and done in a patting motion. This was followed by concealer under eyes, around the nose tips, and lips. The reason for the lips is so that the lipstick would remain true to its colour when put on towards the end (top left image)
  2. Apply eyeshadow using a spring colour palette - off white, light pink, faint orange and taupe. For a more dimensional effect, the colours used on the eyelid would be replicated under the eye, so the light pink was swept across the under eyebag - in Korea and Japan having an under eyebag signifies youth, because their appearance makes one look wide-eyes and innocent. A touch of the faint orange could be added near the edge and the final taupe  was applied at the corner of the under eye bags sweeping up to the eyelid for a contouring effect.  As I didn't do a good enough job, it's not so apparent in the 2nd picture however lining my eyes (inner and outer eyeliner baby!) was less difficult than I thought. The trick was to use a stencil to keep the winged eyeliner more polished and equal on both eyes. I went with a teeny winged eyeliner to make my eyes stand out more. After eyeshadow and eyeliner you would then pat some clear powder to set the eye shadow and hopefully prevent transfer (top right image)
  3. Apply blush on the lower part of my cheeks in small circles using a pink-orange hue. The Korean look was clean and only a pinch of blush was needed. Brows were definitely challenging, first we found a colour that matched our hair and mine was grey brown. Using the eyeliner pencil you start in the middle of the brow and branch outwards towards your ears. Instead of just following the brow, drawing your brows modifies the form and framing of your eyes. I went with a thicker brow and completed it with brow gel in the colour of ashy brown. The Korean look would call for even thicker brows (not for me!) which made me look less fierce, I thought. Highlighter was added at certain places such as the area between the brows and slightly higher, top of cheekbones, bridge of nose and chin. Finally a bit of brown contour shadow on the jawline for a slimmer face (bottom left image)
  4. As I'm vain, here's another pic from a different angle (bottom right image)

It was alot of fun with giggles along the way. We picked up some useful tips, such as dark eyes can be concealed with a mix of orange and yellow concealer (applied in that order) for better coverage, and Pink would step in when we made little cries for help.

For the class we were gifted the BB cream of our choice as well as a gorgeous lipstick that you see I'm wearing in the last 2 shots above. I'll update on the next class when it's done!


Pink Evolution

HK$1,600 for 2 private group classes (less than 4 persons) | HK$1,400 for 2 private group classes (4-7 persons)

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