Blissful pampering at Sulwhasoo Spa


One day at work, Carmela gave me a half price spa voucher to Sulwhasoo, I'm a sucker for all things spa, so I started looking at their spa menu right away.  They had a large range of facial and massage treatments and since the voucher was only valid for a month, I made an appointment 2 weekends away to see what they had in store for me. 

Upon arriving at the Tsim Sha Tsui spa branch in World Commerce Centre, my consultant, Sharon who greeted me, led me into a consultation room to ask a few questions about my skin conditions and my preference for facial or massage treatment (facial please!) before recommending TIMETREASURE RENOVATING ULTIMATE REJUVENATING facial treatment. This being the most luxurious treatment from their facial menu meant also meant I was getting great value, at half the price! Carmela had given me the intel that you'll be given an arm and leg massage even if you chose a facial treatment so I knew I was going to get some form of massage anyway.

I was presented with 4 essential oils to choose from: pine, prunus mume flower, sandalwood and agilawood. I picked pine which later popped up when I got a dry cloth face massage and the cloth was infused with the pine essential oil. 

The changing area was spacious and equipped with a sauna, showers and a dressing table full of Sulwhasoo products. I knew I was going to check that out later. Sharon kindly explained how to use the password-coded locker and how my shoes would be taken for cleaning till I returned - I felt a tad embarrassed with the condition of my shoes, but oh well! Once I changed into my super comfy bathrobe and slippers (which you could take back home!) I was whisked away by my therapist to my treatment room. 

The treatment room was dimly lit and before the facial treatment began, I was given a ginseng berry extract foot soak – this extract has been known to improve blood circulation and prepares your body and mind before the actual treatment. The facial was the most luxurious one from their spa menu using the Timetreasure line of products. During the facial, my therapist was attentive and made sure I knew what each step of the process was to keep me at ease. She skilfully used the spa's unique whitening dough ball and RF firming beauty apparatus as part of the Timetreasure facial treatment to help repair damaged skin and eliminate ageing signs. After the mask was applied, she worked on releasing the tension in my neck, shoulders, arms and legs. Talk about the full pampering experience!

Interestingly I was given an option to use the heated pad placed on my lower abdomen to keep me warm during the treatment - out of curiosity I went for it! I found out that this heated pad is beneficial for the lady parts and kept me even more relaxed!

There were moments when I dozed off but I didn't want to miss out so tried very hard to be awake for the experience, I felt rested once I returned to the changing room I definitely noticed a radiant glow on my face. Even the next day I felt my skin being smoother and firmer.



HK$2,800 (before discount) for the Timetreasure Renovating Ultimate Rejuvenating facial (2 hrs)

8/F, World Commerce Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2314 3288


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