Hangover treatment...for the hair?

I don't know about you, but having someone massage my head is high up on my list of pampering experiences. Combined with essential oils and cute boys, what's there not to like?

With a minimalistic yet hipster interior decor, Sculptor Barber primarily serves male clientele but after a few Facebook messages, they were accommodating enough to let me come. 

Side note: Female customers can come just as long as they bring a male customer with them.


Sculptor Barber is located on Dun Hua South Road, along a street of Japanese yakitori restaurants. From street level you can see up to the salon on the 1st floor.

I was greeted by their friendly reception, Rex who had been responsive during my appointment booking. He kindly offered me a welcome drink (iced tea please!) while I waited for my treatment. I did not feel out of place being the only female customer, it certainly felt different to the hair salons I was accustomed to in Hong Kong. Very little chatter – boys don't talk as much – just the humming from razors in the background. 

My barber, Ed sat down with me and kindly explained what the treatment involved. Here's the step-by-step breakdown:

Step 1: After rubbing his palms with the first essential oil - Sport, Ed placed his forearms on my shoulder, clasping his hands and asked me to breathe in to smell the oils. After the first few whiffs, he slowly massaged my shoulders using his forearms. 

Step 2: Using the second essential oil - Citrus Energy, Ed started addressing my head, neck and more extensively on my tight shoulders. 

Step 3: For the next part of the massage, I was fully reclined in the Koken Legacy barber chair (full points for comfort and seriously considering to add this to my home!) Ed attentively offered a dry facial sheet to avoid messing with my make-up. He firmly kneaded the knots behind my neck and slowly relaxed the tight muscles in my head using the third essential oil – Stress Relief.

Step 4: Leading me to their hair wash corner, I sat down to a blissful shampoo massage to complete my hair wash. They used an Australian haircare brand, Evo with the darndest product names – "Gluttony" for shampoo and "Bride of Gluttony" for conditioner. 

Step 5: For the last part of the treatment, Ed blowdried and styled my hair, retaining the wave in my hair.

Your hangover remedies with multiple essential oils, traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment, hot towels and tranquilizing tea.
— Sculptor Barber
The 3 essential oils used throughout Hangover Treatment

The 3 essential oils used throughout Hangover Treatment

Sorry for the scare, covered with a dry facial sheet mask

Sorry for the scare, covered with a dry facial sheet mask

Ed at the hair wash corner

Ed at the hair wash corner

Guess what? After the treatment, you're treated to a Hangover Juice, courtesy of Habu Juice which is about 3 mins walk from the salon.

The juice had a perfect blend of watermelon, tomato, mint and lemon. Refreshing and a great pick-me up to complete the Hangover Treatment. Love the thought and indeed, it was a chillaxing end to my treatment.

Sipping on hangover juice

Watermelon | Mint | Tomato | Lemon


sculptor barber

NT$1,100 for a Hangover Treatment (female) | NT$800 for a Hangover Treatment (male)

2F, No. 6, Lane 265, Sec 2, Dun Hua South Road,
Daan District
Taipei, Taiwan 106

Tel: +886 2 2737 5832

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